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Don't Regret Not Starting Sooner

I’ll tell you something funny.

Anyone over 30 who signs up all say, at some stage, “I’m kicking myself I didn’t start when I was younger. I always wanted to.”

I know that’s not particularly funny.

The funny bit is I look surprised and say “Wow, really?”, act interested, and generally pretend I’ve never heard anyone say that before, and then the punchline is that they find out I’m full of shit in this blog post months or even years later.

Now that’s commitment to a gag that I deserve a medal for. Delaying a punchline for years.

I also wish I’d found Jiu Jitsu sooner, but in truth I got to it about as soon as I could. I’m sort of the 2nd generation of Jiu Jitsu in Ireland. Some others got cracking in the late 90s by travelling abroad or bringing black belts here, but I got to it as soon as I could in the early 00s.

But you shouldn’t regret not starting earlier. You just make the most of training now and don’t take it for granted. That’s something I notice with those folks in their 30s, they make the most of it, often much more than people in their 20s.

And if you haven’t started yet but always wanted to, do it now. I’ll do my “joke” with you when you come up.

See you on the mat,


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