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Why You've GOT To Learn Jiu Jitsu

When I got into Jiu Jitsu, it was because I wanted to be a complete martial artist. I was a Taekwondo Black belt, but I knew that if I was to clinch with someone, they would easily put me to the ground and control me. I wanted to learn something to help with that weakness.

I also had half an eye on MMA, but that’s another story.

I screwed around grappling with my friends but, and some of you may have heard this one before, it wasn’t until I rolled with my first Blue Belt that I realised there was something I was really up with this Jiu Jitsu thing.

I was attending an afternoon Jiu Jitsu class at John Kavanagh’s SBG gym (now famous of course but at the time, just a small unit with some mats). I think I’d done a few sessions, with other white belts there in attendance. I’d got on okay, nip and tuck with most people. I was strong and athletic from Taekwondo and weight training, and a lot of the guys were just casual.

About 20 minutes into the class, in walks a guy with a shirt and tie on. He looks soft around the middle, not very athletic. He’s getting some rounds in on his lunchbreak. The class was NoGi, so he threw on some shorts and a rashguard. He called me to roll. I thought, well, this one will be handy enough.

5 minutes later, I was watching the timer praying for the round to end. He’d tapped me countless times, usually with a triangle, I remember that clearly. I thought, this guy must be a black belt or something…

He was a blue belt, training about 2 years. Just a step above novice.

Now when that first happens a guy like I was then (experienced in martial arts or fit and strong), there are 2 reactions that I’ve seen.

One, is go crazy. The ego kicks in and you get frustrated and angry. Maybe you just come in next time and go aggressive, or maybe you just never come back.

Two, and this is the path I took (thankfully), is to step back and accept that there’s a lot you don’t know. I’ll shorten that into this reaction, my reaction-

“I have GOT to learn this stuff!”

I’ve seen that same jaw dropping awe on the faces of countless beginners, and even on Black belts as they are shown something new and exciting. It never goes away.

Free Trial Jiu Jitsu Class

Hey before I sign off today, I want to tell you that we’ve got a Free Trial running at the moment. We’ve got 2 Free Trials in our Jiu Jitsu Basics class going to anyone- you or a friend maybe. Get in touch with us now and we’ll get you started.

Who knows, maybe you’ll have a “I have GOT to learn this stuff!” moment too!

See you on the mat,


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