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The Most Impressive Style of Jiu Jitsu

When I was starting out in Jiu Jitsu, the cool stuff was what I wanted to see. Now remember, this was before Instagram. Actually, way before Instagram. Almost before the internet. So we weren’t inundated with moves.

Every time I open my phone now, someone is showing something I’ve never seen before. Some I think is pretty cool. Others I think are pretty stupid. All of it is there to catch the attention of whoever is watching and get them to like, share, repost or whatever.

But I’m most impressed now by the simple things done well. It takes patience and time to develop a style of Jiu Jitsu where everyone knows what you’re going to do, but still can’t stop you from doing it. I like watching people like that because they use the moves we teach in our Basics class. They don’t need anything fancy, it’s brilliantly efficient.

What we teach in Basics is to progress towards getting the mount or back control positions. Our entire curriculum is based around this premise. It goes like this-

If you are standing, take them down and work to mount or take their back.

If you are on the bottom, work to sweep them, and mount them or take their back.

If you are in a bad position, work to escape, then mount them or take their back.

Occasionally there will be opportunities to finish your opponent in some other way, but these are bonuses and should only be used when you can’t do the above.

This type of Jiu Jitsu works for sport, self defence, MMA or whatever. It doesn’t need modification, and it doesn’t change with what’s popular on Instagram this week.

It’s the most impressive Jiu Jitsu.

See you on the mat,


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